About Us

Both Dylan and Craig of DC Autocare have been involved in the Automotive industry since leaving school. Craig started his apprenticeship in 1996 and Dylan in 2000. Both were trained under the extremely experienced eye of Richard Field, they both became fully qualified Mechanics at the end of their time and have continued in the industry.

Dylan and Craig have been working all around the world since the completion of their apprenticeships and have competed and been employed at the highest level of the Automotive Industry as motor sport technicians, both in New Zealand and around the world.

“Although the cars we work on at DC Autocare are not always motor sport vehicles, we can and will provide the quality, workmanship and professionalism required to guarantee you will get the service and quality you and your vehicle deserve!”

In 2014 Dylan and his young Family moved home to Hawkes Bay and re-joined Craig in his employment as a mechanic at one of Hawkes Bay’s leading automotive workshops. Not long after, the opportunity to purchase the same workshop came into the mix and that is when the idea of joining forces and combining their skills came about and the idea of DC Autocare was first floated.

With a lot of careful planning and a few hurdles to work through, in FEB 2016 DC Autocare became a reality! “It just seemed right” says Craig “we both have young families, Dylan and I both grew up together, went through school together, trained together, have skills that complement each other and we know we can pass these skills onto the Hawkes Bay’s motoring public”.

We look forward to serving the Hawkes Bay’s people for many years to come! Just remember If you drive it, we can fix it!

Dylan and Craig

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