We’re Your Local VTNZ Certified Repairer

We offer you the best of both worlds as a VTNZ Certified Repairer: an independent VTNZ WoF assessment and the expertise of our highly skilled mechanics – all in one convenient location.

VTNZ carries out over 600,000 WoF assessments a year, so you can rest assured your vehicle is being checked by the experts.

If you need repair work to pass your WoF, we can help. You’ll approve all repairs and costs before work goes ahead.  A VTNZ Automotive Technician can then recheck your WoF here on site.

If you have any questions about the VTNZ Certified Repairer programme, please don’t hesitate to pop in,
give us a call or email certifiedrepairer@vtnz.co.nz

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